Here at Organised, my goal is simple – to help you create spaces in your home or business that work the way you need them to, so you have more time to focus on the people you love and the things that inspire you.

I understand that everyday life is busy.

You start to think about finding the time and motivation to sort and organise your spaces, but you don’t know where to begin and time gets away on you. Feelings of frustration and overwhelm creep in.

This is where Organised can help. With friendly guidance and a fresh perspective, I will help you create calm, productive and enjoyable spaces in your home and workplace.

Institute of Professional Organisers IOPO

Organised upholds the Code of Practice outlined in our membership with the Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO).

Meet Nadine

Nadine Green – Professional Organiser / Owner of Organised

I am passionate about helping people live life simply. I believe there is a direct link between our physical spaces and emotional wellbeing. 

As a small child I was always clearing out toys, books and organising spaces, and loved helping friends sort out their bedrooms – a trait I wish my own three children had inherited!

Over the years, I’ve helped family and friends organise all kinds of spaces.

I love the way un-inspiring, disorganised spaces can become vibrant, happy places where people feel relaxed and able to unwind.

My love of organising and my desire to help people live their lives in a more fulfilled, joyful way has led to the creation of Organised. 

We are all on our own different journeys - mine has in one way or another always linked back to my love of organising.  Now, I’m looking forward to meeting you - wherever you may be, on your journey.


My Organised Philosophy

Working with Organised is an investment in you - your wellbeing, your productivity and to free up your precious time. My hope is that you feel a real sense of accomplishment and freedom after we’ve worked together. Here are the values that guide me:

Empathy – I understand that asking for help isn’t always easy. Disorganisation can be stressful and consuming. We’ve all been there. With my friendly, gentle approach – I’m here to put you at ease.

Respect – I will always respect you, your home, your workplace and possessions. Our work together is confidential. I am here to help you, without judgement.

Freedom – I want to help you live life simply.  After working together, my hope is you’ll feel that everyday life runs smoothly, and you will be free to do more of the things you enjoy.

Wellbeing – Your wellbeing is important to me. I believe there is a direct link between tidy and organised spaces and your emotional wellbeing. Working with Organised is a gentle and often therapeutic process aimed at creating spaces that you love to live and work in.