About Organised

We are a Wellington based team who help clients simplify their life. Whether you are downsizing, preparing a home for sale, need help organising your home or clearing an estate - our team is here for you. 

Nadine Green - Owner of Organised

I started this small business because I understand the role stress plays in situations that have become overwhelming. Stress can slowly creep up on us and our home spaces can go from being manageable to chaotic. Finding the time to get on top of it or not knowing where to start can feel like a huge hurdle to overcome. Perhaps the task at hand feels too large to tackle on your own. We get it - that's why we're here to help.

Often the mess itself keeps us in a cycle of low energy and having that pressure removed can be truly life changing. It's with this understanding that we approach all projects with kindness and respect. 

We’ll happily work alongside you to get your living spaces organised, helping you simplify the way you live. 

Institute of Professional Organisers IOPO

Organised upholds the Code of Practice outlined in our membership with the Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO).

Our values are closely linked to the way we work .....

Our whole focus is on you as an individual - getting to know you, understanding you.   Empathy and respect are bedrock values for us.

We understand how difficult it can be allowing people into your home spaces and we don’t take this lightly.  Our team will always have respect for your belongings, your home and most importantly - you.  We will only ever work at a pace that is comfortable for you and while we make gentle recommendations, the final decisions are always yours.

When working in your home and selling items on your behalf, it’s important that you feel comfortable throughout the process - honesty and transparency are therefore hugely important.

At Organised we believe that looking after the planet is also super important and sustainability plays a key part.  We love using sustainable storage solutions, especially pre-loved and vintage pieces that each have their own stories to tell.

Of course this is not to say we don’t appreciate some of the beautiful and functional new storage options available - we absolutely do, but we are always keen to use eco-friendly products that are a little kinder on the environment, if possible.

Our clients are amazing at letting go of items they no longer want and we do our best to re-home, recycle and donate everything we can to avoid pre-loved items from ending up in landfill.  

We are very lucky to receive a steady stream of used cardboard boxes, paper and bubble wrapping, which we re-use to package up donated items to deliver to charities.  It is also used for packing in preparation for house moves, saving you money on purchasing new - not to mention reducing waste!.

We definitely have an attitude of gratitude and are hugely grateful to each and every client we meet - thank you for trusting our team to work closely with you to achieve your goals.  From the small organising projects to the large house clearances - we enjoy them all!

At Organised we strongly believe in giving back to the community and when time permits, we like to volunteer our services and offer support to local charitable organisations.